lundi 16 août 2010

Harira حريرة moroccan soup /soupe marocaine (Ramadan)

Ramadan draws to a close and it is only now that I found time to publish this recipe, so this soup is on our table every night. I must say that I do only once a week (during the weekend in general when I have more time) but I am making astronomical amounts each time to take the whole week.
This recipe could therefore be called "Harira for 10 people!". Obviously this is the family recipe but there are plenty of options elsewhere.

You will need:
- 250g of lamb, diced
- 250g of a mixture of dried vegetables (I use lentils, fava beans and peas)
- 2 onions, chopped
- 100g chick peas (soaked the day before)
- 100g of celery (the "trunk") cubed
- 100g of a mixture of parsley, coriander and celery leaves