dimanche 8 août 2010

Islam: definition of the word Islam

Islam is an Abrahamic religion revealed to Muhammad in Arabia in the seventh century.

The Muslim religion is a revelation is in Arabic of the original religion of Adam, Noah, and all the prophets including Jesus, but has also . So it looks like a return to the religion of Abraham (called, in Arabic, Ibrahim by the Muslims) in terms of belief, the Qur'an defines as the path of Ibrahim (Millat Ibrahim) , and , that is to say an exclusive submission to Allah.

The holy book of Islam is the Koran. Islamic doctrine ensures that the collection contains the revelation of Allah, transmitted orally by his prophet Muhammad. The Koran acknowledges the divine origin of all the sacred books of Judaism and Christianity , considering they are in their records current, the result of a partial forgery : the Suhuf- i-Ibrahim (Abraham the Sheets), the Torah (the Pentateuch or Torah), the Zabur of David and Solomon (identified in the Book of Psalms) and the Injil (the Gospel).

Besides the Koran, the majority Muslims refers to the supply of words, deeds and approvals of Muhammad, called hadiths stories. However, the different branches of Islam do not agree on the compilations of hadith to be taken as authentic. The Quran and Hadith called "admissible" are two of the four sources of Islamic law, sharia, the other two being unanimously (ijma ') and analogy (qiyas).

In 2009, the Pew Research Center finds that Islam has 1.57 billion followers , called "Muslims", making it the second in the world by number of followers after Christianity and Hinduism to . This is, chronologically speaking, the third major monotheistic current family of Abrahamic religions, following Judaism and Christianity with which it has a number of common elements.

Islam is divided into several factions, including Sunni Islam, which represents between 80 and 85% of Muslims, Shiism found mainly in Iraq and Iran. These two currents have been fighting for their origin.

The Muslim religion was formerly designated by the French word Islam (like Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, animism, etc.). But this term tends to be replaced by that of "Islam", the word "Islamism" to describe having specialized radical political movements or non-Muslim revivalism. The word Islam, which can then be capitalized, but also in French has a different meaning: it means, beyond religion itself with its faith and worship, a political power and a general movement of civilization .